Publications available by mail order from the Irwin District Historical Society

Publication: Description: Price (inc. P&P):
Museum History Texts (set of 7 A4 pages) Texts and images from the Old Police Station Museum and Russ Cottage $4.40
One Small Port Three names History of the Dongara Port, compiled by IDHS 90 pages $25.00
The Caroline Connection by Elizabeth Nelson Broad. The story of Caroline Wintle stepdaughter of John Smith. She married.Titus Russ 1873, James Waterson Johnson 1878 Abner Glossop 1912 $25.00
Copies of Photographs+ A4 Bright White paper, single image $8.80
4"x6" Photographic paper, single image $11.00
A4 Bright White 4 images/page $16.50
A4 Photographic paper 4 images/page $19.90
+Please note while every effort will be made to provide quality images, no guarantee can be given for the reproduction of historic photographs.

Purchasing Publications in Australia

Please send your cheque or money order along with your order quantity and publication to:
Irwin District Historical Society PO Box 347 DONGARA WA 6525      Mail order
We will make every effort to send your order to you as promptly as possible, see our contact page.